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What's in my suitcase?

I am finally in TULUM, MEXICO, and having the time of my life. We have been planning this Spring Break Trip for what seems like forever and it's nice to finally be in paradise. I'm usually an over-packer, but I wanted to make sure that I only packed the necessities for this trip in order to avoid having to bring more than one bag.

First, let's get into this luggage. I have had new luggage on my list for a while since my luggage was no longer operating with all four wheels. I prefer the 360 degree luggage that rolls on 4 wheels instead of the luggage you have to pull with 2 wheels, and I love fun decorative suitcases.

I saw this amazing suitcase somewhere on Instagram, fell in love with it, and prayed it didn't cost an arm and a leg. After searching for it everywhere, I found it online from a company called Macbeth Collection through Amazon (get yours here). It was only $80 for the 29 inch rose gold, "On Vacay" design. It's super sturdy and the perfect size to hold all of my stuff for a 4 - 5 day vacation. It has 2 inches of expansion capacity (which I always need) and interior zipper compartments.

Now, what's inside? Literally everything I could possibly fit. I knew we would be staying for 4-5 days, so I had to make sure I had enough options that would allow me to change at least once everyday.

Here's what I packed:

My camera and laptop

4 day outfits (shorts, blouses, day dresses)

2 night outfits (jeans, night dresses)

some loungewear for inside the hotel

8 bathing suits (because why not?)

2 cover ups

3 hats

2 pairs of heels

3 pairs of slide on flats

1 pair of sandals

1. pair of vans for travel days

2 pairs of sunglasses

2 fanny packs

3 purses

1 beach bag

plenty of accessories

I know that may sound a little excessive for some, but I knew I would want to take tons of different pictures in several different outfits. So even though we'll only be here for a few days, I'll have content with beautiful scenery to last me much longer. Pro tip: I would suggest making an online look book (I use for mine) before you leave including outfits, shoes, and accessories. If you plan your outfits ahead for the days you'll be on vacation, it'll be much easier to only pack what you need.

Happy Vacationing to all and I love you for reading, as always.


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