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My New Favorite Place: Taboo Beach Club

Now that I'm coming off of the high from my trip to Tulum, Mexico, I'm so excited to share all of the fun things Stacey and I did while we were there. We ate all the food, danced to all the music, sipped on all the cocktails, and I found my new favorite place: Taboo Beach Club. Tulum is full of beach clubs that offer a private seaside experience. Beach clubs often have restaurants, a wait-staff, and other accommodations which set them apart from public beaches. Taboo is one of the newer beach clubs in Tulum, and one of our favorite hotel concierges, Betty, recommended that we stop by for a half a day. We got there and fell in love and ended up spending our entire day with the lovely people at Taboo.

Here's my overall review on Taboo Tulum. Spoiler: 10 out of 10, would recommend.


The views

Taboo sits right on the beach and boasts warm white sand and clear turquoise water. It took us about 15 minutes to get there from our hotel in downtown Tulum, and on the way we were surrounded by beaches left and right. The entrance to Taboo is an archway of swaying trees and plants and it looks like you're walking into a tropical heaven. Besides the beach, it's rustically decorated on its terrace where the beach club meets the seaside. The club includes a swinging bar, cabanas, chaises, a Mediterranean style restaurant, hammocks, and a pool.

They even have donkeys on the beach!

The prices

Comparing Taboo Tulum to a beach club in America, this place is cheap! For the quality of food, service, views, and drinks, paying a flat rate that includes everything is definitely ideal. We paid $140 USD total for our chaise, food, drinks (non-alcoholic

and alcoholic), towels, and access to the pool, beaches, and restaurant. We stayed for a total of 7 hours and had several snacks and drinks. For $70 a person, that breaks down to $10 / hour / person. That is such a steal! You can't find that anywhere in the US. Their menu has everything broken down into a la carte prices as well, but we were offered a flat rate when we got there, and everything

we had from there on out was included in that rate. I'm sure this is different for the restaurant if you're just popping by for dinner, but if you're going to do a full day at the beach, I suggest going with the flat rate they offer (it's the best value for your money).

The prices for renting their chaises and cabanas vary depending on row. The closer you are to the beach, the more you will spend. We ended up choosing chaises that were 3 rows back from the beach since we weren't too particular about our distance from the shore.

The food

When I say this was the best food I have ever tasted in my life, I am not exaggerating. They have the freshest seafood, vegetables, and fruit. Not to mention, their portion sizes are pretty big.

I had the U4 Tiger Shrimp which is served with sautéed red quinoa, sweet and sour sauce, and small dollops of greek yogurt. Stacey got calamari with charcoaled rice and black mayo. She also ordered a side of seasonal vegetables. They have tons of vegan options as well.

And the drinks!! They are amazing! I got the Voodoo (pictured right) which is made with Malibu Rum, coconut water, banana liqueur, cinnamon, milk, and served with liquid nitrogen. Basically, it's an adult version of my favorite Mexican drink, Horchata. I was in heaven. After that, I ordered the Alchemist, which is made with Creyente mezcal, mango, cucumber, ginger, mint, and flambeed fruit. It was on the sweeter side and a close second to the Voodoo.

I wish I could have tried the whole menu because every dish they brought out to the people around us looked incredible, and all of the drinks were picture perfect too.

The service

The wait-staff at Taboo Tulum was nothing short of impeccable. From the moment we walked in, we felt like actual celebrities. Once we picked out our chaises, they set them up for us, laid out our towels, and made sure we were comfortable.

Our personal waiters Edu and Eduardo were so cheery and made us feel relaxed and at home. Edu gave great suggestions for food and drinks and he had an extensive knowledge of the menu. I told him the kinds of food and drinks I typically like, and he was able to suggest the perfect choices for my particular taste.

Edu and Eduardo periodically checked in on us, offering us water and any other accommodations we may have wanted to make our stay better. They even danced with us and asked to take pictures with us.

Besides our new friends, the management was extremely helpful and they were the ones responsible for giving us the initial flat rates and making sure we were satisfied with our experience.

The pictures

You know I had to get all the good pictures while I was here. The views were begging for it. If you're a blogger, or even if you just like to take good pictures, this is the place to go for those classic beach pics. The rustic vibes make for great backgrounds and there are so many different places within the beach club to take pictures. I utilized the stone walls, chaises, cabanas, hammocks, beach, pool, and entryways to take my pictures. Unlike some places, they encourage you to document your time there, so you have access to the whole club to take photos for as long as you want.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from Taboo:

That's it for my review of Taboo Tulum. If you can't already tell, we LOVED it. Make sure you stop by if you're ever in Tulum, and ask for Edu and Eduardo. Tell them Noni sent you!


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