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Overcome procrastination. Refresh your motivation. Get going. No excuses.

Y’all I have a bad history of procrastination. It’s bad. I was good for making a whole list of things to do for the day and then checking two or three things off and taking a nap. I wouldn’t even look at my planner for a few days because I was embarrassed that I had written all that out just to get back in bed and sleep like a baby. I’m the girl that does projects and homework at the last minute just because I can or because I “work well under pressure”. I’ve known for awhile that I had a problem but I just recently decided to do something about it. I realized that if I really want to get serious about my businesses and goals that I have to beat procrastination and be consistent. So to my fellow procrastinators and my dreamers, here are some practical tips that i am still learning. This fight is a daily fight. (sounds dramatic but I’m serious). I have to wake up everyday and refuse to be led by my feelings. This takes intentionality and commitment. Are y’all ready?


There are some things in this world that can only be done by you.

I hope you already know that but if you don’t here you go. You have a purpose that belongs to you and only you and there are people counting on you to fulfill that purpose. Everytime I think about this it gets me excited. I don’t know about you, but when I know that people are counting on me, I get things done a lot faster and it’s easier for me to eliminate excuses. If you don’t do what you were made to do, then the world is missing a piece that it needs. You have to develop an ear for excuses. You have to be able to detect them when they come out of your mouth or when they pop in your head. If you’re so busy justifying your excuses, you’re gonna spend most of your time talking about why you can’t get up and get going. Then you’ll look up at the end of the week with unchecked boxes on your to do list and nothing but excuses to show for it. That was me. Please don’t let it be you. I’m a super visual person so I’ve even started writing down my excuses and ripping them up. It may be extreme to some, but if that’s what you have to do, do it.

Find people in your space who you can look up to.

I have so many mentors in my head (and mentors in real life). For me, Jalisa E Vaughn, Marshea Chanel, Ciara Anderson, Nichole Lynel, and Ronne Brown get me all the way together. When I scroll past their posts, it reminds me that I have work to do and that if they can get up and do it everyday, so can I...which brings me to this:Be intentional about who you follow on social media. If you follow a bunch of couch potatoes who do nothing, then girl, you’re bound to be right there with them. Make it your business to follow people that inspire you. Follow people who pour into you. If we’re gonna scroll on social media all day (which we shouldn’t but we do), let’s make sure we’re taking in good and encouraging messages.


I cannot tell you how big these have been for me. They keep me going everyday. You know how Being Mary Jane put the sticky notes all over her house? Well my mom does that now and it’s everything. All you do is write down positive sayings on sticky notes (or type them up and print them out on cute paper if you’re a perfectionist like me). Whenever I see them posted, I try to say them out loud just to keep good thoughts running through my mind. I really do believe that we can manifest things in our lives so being positive and keeping positive words surrounding me has made such a difference for me.

Just get up and do it.

Let's not make this too complicated. Do that thing you’ve been pushing off. Go do your squats, start writing that book, enroll in those classes, learn how to swim. Do it. With no excuses and no apologies. Kick out any bad thoughts surrounding whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing and get to it. I’m already proud of you.

Peace, Love, and Soul

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