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3 things to consider when making your new year's resolutions

So here’s the thing. It’s not too late to make your New Year's resolutions. While it’s preferable to go ahead and get those all locked in before the clock strikes 12 on the first, making them on the second, third, or 15th is still valid. If none of the usual suspects like eating right, exercising , or self care are sticking out to you this year, that’s okay. Sometimes it can take a while to figure out what you want to change and what you think deserves to stay the same.

This year, I have made a ton of lifestyle changes. I like to call them that instead of resolutions because me and resolutions have a rough past. When I was younger, my dad used to ask me my resolutions every year. One year, I decided that it would be a good idea to write a letter to someone every single Sunday. Now, at 8 years old, it didn’t seem like a daunting task, but by that 3rd Sunday of the month, I was over it. My dad wasn’t having it, though. He made me sit down every single Sunday that year (until about August) and commit to my resolution.

As adults, we’re rarely going to have that experience of someone making sure you complete what you start, but you should be that person for yourself. Push yourself. Do it when you don’t feel like it. You’ll thank yourself come December.


Anyways, here are three things to consider when making those resolutions:

1. Is it realistic?

The New Year comes with so much glitter and excitement and it’s easy to get caught up in the unknown. But when you’re making your resolutions, you have to think about what is going to be feasible long after the ball drops. How does that resolution fit in your day to day life? Are you going to really be able to get to that gym across town every single morning? If so, more power to you (and your gas tank)! But, if not, maybe scale it down to making it a few steps away to your living room, popping on a YouTube workout video, and getting your workout in at home. You can be just as cute in your new workout set at home.

2. Be flexible about your goals.

There are so many different paths that can take you to the same finish line. So, if you have to tweak your resolution in March, give yourself permission to do so. Sometimes, your original approach doesn’t work out, or its purpose begins to fade. In those cases, it is okay to take a breather and refocus. Be careful not to cancel the resolution, though. Stay committed and focused, and don’t excuse yourself from doing the work.

3. Pick out one or two people to be your accountability partners.

You’ve probably seen this “accountability partner” thing over and over again, but it really does make a difference. I always like to tell God first, because he’ll place conviction in my heart to follow through on my word, and push past my own discouragement. After him, I tell 1-2 of my closest friends. (Not your irrational friend who lets you go buck wild and "treat yourself every 5 seconds, but your friend who gives sound advice and is a straight shooter). They’ll remind you of your purpose and keep you prayed up and encouraged.


So get working. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. Post them up on your desk, in your room, on your mirror. Look at them and speak them aloud everyday. Talk to God about them. I can’t wait to see what you do this year and I’m rooting for your success as always!

What’s your favorite resolution this year? Engage with me in the comments! Love you guys for reading!


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1 Comment

Jan 03, 2019

I love this! I've set some ambitious goals this year (I too am weary of calling them resolutions) but I think with accountability, flexibility, hard work, and prayer anything is possible. I hope you achieve everything you set out to this year too!

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