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What a crazy couple of months it has been! I know that's probably true for everyone who has made it this far into 2020. This year is wild. I turned 23 a few weeks ago and I moved into my very first solo apartments 3 days later. Talk about a whirlwind.

The move went as smoothly as he hoped (thank God) and now I'm settling in and beginning to make this place feel like a home. I think naming your space gives it a little character so I've decided to call her "Marshall Manor".

Anyways, so excited for this next chapter. There will be lots and lots of home content coming your way. I wanted to start by showing you an empty apartment tour before I start adding things. This way you can see what she looks like from start to finish. Click here to watch my empty apartment tour on youtube.

Humble beginnings, okay. But I could not be more grateful. Every time I look up, it seems like someone is buying their dream house or signing the lease on a "luxury apartment" and I want to be very clear that this is not that. Part of my goal here is to show y'all how to take a "modest" space like this and make it "luxury". We're all at different points in life and that is beautiful, so if you're struggling with comparison, remember life is what you make it & I'm in the business of making it amazing.

So excited to take y'all along with me in the making of Marshall Manor. I love you always for reading.

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Vicky Collins
Vicky Collins

Happy birthday and congratulations on the Marshall Manor! Love the idea of a tour.

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