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Christmas Decor Guide: Black and White Christmas

We've (almost) made it to Christmas! That definitely deserves a cheers! There are no rules in 2020, and it seems like everyone is decorating early. We usually wait until after Thanksgiving around here, but I'm happy to welcome some Christmas cheer before Turkey Day this year.

First things first: decorations! Y'all gave me your decor colors over on Instagram and I compiled them and made some shopping guides for you.

Each Christmas Decor Vibe will be a separate blog post just to keep them pretty short. If you're looking for a different guide, head over to the Decor Guides Tab and all of the Decor Guides will be there as well.

All products are shoppable links. Happy Decorating!

Black and White Christmas:

I'd love to see your Christmas Decor if you decide to buy something off of my guides! Please tag me (@nonimarshall) in your posts and stories on Instagram so I can join in on your Christmas cheer.


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