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Amazon share week finds

It has been so long! Happy to be back blogging and sharing some of my favorite finds with y'all.

Fun news: I have recently become an Amazon Affiliate Partner which means that when I share and you shop, I earn a small commission! This is just one step towards my goals and I'm so excited to be moving up (baby steps) in the blogger world.

Last week, a group of my Instagram girlfriends and I did an Amazon Share Week where we each picked a day to jump on Instagram Stories to share our favorite Amazon Finds. The recap is available in my Instagram Highlights and I've linked everything below for you too! (everything in peach is a shoppable link)

Disclosure: The links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I love you for supporting me!

This cleansing brush has changed up my skincare game for the better! It comes with tree brush heads: ordinary head, sensitive head, and sponge head. It's extremely soft, so it won't be too rough on your skin. This is a must have for you skincare routine!

How cute is this mini steamer?! It starts steaming within seconds and knocks wrinkles out quickly! It's perfect for travel and fits into your suitcase without taking up too much space.

We love these cards! They're perfect for road trips, date nights, or just random evenings when you run out of topics to talk about. They are conversation starters that are designed to help you to get to know your partner/kids/ family members/ friends better. one or two cards can spark hours of conversation and will leave you feeling closer to the people you love. 10/10 would recommend.

My favorite dangle earrings right now! They are all so lightweight and they add some fun to any outfit. I can't believe they come in a set of 16 for only $27. They even come with a little acrylic carrying case which makes traveling with them super easy and hassle free.

I love this set because I always struggle to find studs that have a little personality. I'm naturally a dangle earrings girl, but this set is fun. It comes with 18 pairs for only $11! I have had them for a few months and they haven't turned. It also comes with TONS of earring backs (in clear, gold, rose gold, and silver) which we always need.

I wear these every single day. They are such a good addition to plain dresses or casual outfits. The stack comes with 7-8 individual bracelets so you can mix and match them or wear the full stack altogether.

These have also been my go-tos for summer, especially the black ones. I love that these are lightweight and they don't irritate my ears at all. Comes in six colors.

These necklaces give you the layered look without the work of finding three necklaces that complement one another. They can be paired with dresses, tanks, and even t-shirts.

I have been looking for a leo necklace that isn't too big, and I found this little gem. This set comes with a silver zodiac sign necklace and a gold zodiac letter necklace. I wear the gold one as an everyday necklace and sometimes, I pair it with other necklaces on this list.

These. Hats. Are. Everything. I was never a hat girl. I always thought they would look weird on me and the hairstyles I chose never really allowed for me to try hats. But I was seeing these fedoras everywhere are thought I should give them a try. I love them now! They are a steal (under $20) and they look just like the more expensive ones from Nordstrom and Free People.

As always, I love that you all enjoy these lists that I put together. Let me know in the comments if you're looking for particular products or gifts for an event and I'll put together a list just for you!


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