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10 Amazon Prime Valentine's Day Gift Ideas under $30

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

It's almost Valentine's Day which means some of us are still frantically running around trying to find a gift for that special someone. You've got 3 days left (or 4 if you're celebrating on Saturday the 15th) to find something that says "I've had this for weeks", even though you just remembered to get them something this morning.

No worries, because I've compiled a list of 10 Amazon Prime quick-ship gift ideas for him and her that will make your Valentine smile. All of my picks are under $30, but I have also included an Upgrade Idea for each one, just in case you want to step your gift up a few levels. Some Upgrade Ideas will add a few dollars (while others will add a few hundred), but all of that is up to you (and your bank account. I don't encourage overextending yourself on gifts). But if you have it, and you want to spoil your partner, the Upgrade Idea is there for you!

I have linked everything, so as soon as you see something you love, click the link, add it to your cart, and checkout! Amazon Prime works wonders, but it can't do anything for you on Thursday night at 11pm.

Disclosure: The links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I love you for supporting!

Here we go:


Gift Ideas for Him:

This gift is a classic fool-proof guy's gift with a twist. I hate seeing people pull stray dollars or credit cards out of their pockets. Ladies, if your guy is one of these free-spirited anti-wallet people, show him the light by getting him this Card Case. It'll fit seamlessly in his back pocket and it might even make him feel a little more put-together. It's genuine leather and it's perfect for guys who are against having a bulky wallet weighing them down.

*Upgrade Idea:

Fill the wallet with gift cards to his favorite restaurants/stores. Maybe even add a few dollars in there too!

Now we love a good beard, and men love their beards too. If your guy is working on his beard, already has one, or you want to plant the seed that he should start working on one, this grooming kit is just what he needs. It's complete with beard balms, shampoo, a comb, a brush, and even beard moisturizer! Your guy will love that you're putting in an effort to show him you love his beard as much as he does. Plus, you get the pleasure of having the cutie with the bomb beard by your side for the rest of the year. It's a win - win.

*Upgrade Idea:

Add a little card with a hand-written note and money inside to cover his haircut. I always hear guys saying that us paying for their haircut is our equivalent to them paying for our nails. Let's practice a little reciprocity this Valentine's Day, ladies.

I love giving thoughtful gifts with personal touches. They're always well received and it makes it look like you've been preparing their gift for ages (when really, Amazon Prime came in clutch). Greenline Goods has these whiskey glasses that would be a great add to your guy's bar. They come in several options with different big cities etched in the glasses. You can choose the city he's from, the city he loves the most, or even the city where you two met. These are perfect for a guy who likes specialty alcohols or even for a guy who likes a good conversation piece.

*Upgrade Idea:

Include a bottle of his favorite Whiskey (or any alcohol) with the glasses. He can either add the bottle to his bar, or you two can share a sip or two together before going out for your Valentine's Day adventures.

There is nothing worse than seeing some one walking around with one AirPod. I don't have any, but I can imagine that losing one takes away from the coolness factor of having them in the first place. If your guy is forgetful, or if he just carries his AirPods around loose in his pockets, get him this little case. It's genuine leather, comes in four different color options, and it has a masculine look. It even has a clip so that he can attach them to his keychain. This gift is small, but very practical. He'll use it everyday and he'll and he'll think of you.

*Upgrade Idea

Airpods! Get your guy some AirPods if he doesn't already have some. This may seem a little extravagant and that's because it kind of is. This option isn't realistic for everyone, but if you feel like going all out this Valentine's Day, go for it girl!

If your guy is always at the gym, playing ball, or faking like he's playing ball when he's really on 2k, this gift is for him! Grab a duffle bag from Amazon or Marshall's (both available under $20) and stuff it with a pair of basketball shorts, a t-shirt, socks, a baseball hat, a 6-pack of Gatorades or waters, candies, a reusable water bottle, snacks, and whatever else you think he'll love.

I've given this gift once before and it was by far the most well received gift I have ever given a boyfriend. He loved pulling out all the little parts and pieces of the gift that I included in the bag. I even added little cheesy notes to each piece because I just couldn't help myself. I had so much fun putting it together and I loved seeing him enjoying all of the stuff I picked out.

*Upgrade Idea:

Tickets to a game! It can be basketball game tickets (NBA or College), Baseball tickets, even hockey tickets. Whatever sport he is passionate about, pick up a pair of those tickets and go with him to the game! He'll love the multi-part gift and that you're interested in enjoying the sport he loves with him. (Groupon has game tickets for cheap, so check there first!)


Gift Ideas for Her:

I'm a wine girl, so this gift definitely caught my eye. This stemless wine tumbler set comes with 2 tumblers and it's available in 13 different colors! Looking ahead to warmer months, these are perfect for your girl to bring to outdoor events and concerts, picnics in the park, and summer cookouts! They even come with lids and straws!

If your girl isn't into wine, they're also perfect for keeping coffee warm and ice cream cold. They can double as chic water bottles too!

*Upgrade Idea:

Include a bottle of her favorite wine! It can be fancy and expensive if that's what she likes, but it doesn't have to be. It just has to be thoughtful. You can also upgrade this gift by surprising her with a trip to a winery! (This doubles as a date night idea & check Groupon for winery deals in your area.)

This gift will be like a little piece of home for your Valentine. These state necklaces are dipped in 14k Gold and are set on an adjustable chain.

Choose the state your girl is from, the state she loves the most, or even the state where the two of you met. You can also choose a state where the people closest to her live. Maybe even choose a state where the two of you have had a memorable vacation.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's thoughtful and makes sense. Add a sweet note about why you chose that state and you're good to go!

*Upgrade Idea:

Surprise her with a trip to the state you chose! You can road trip it, or you can hop on a flight if you're feeling like upgrading big time. Even a short, fun weekend trip a few hours away would be the sweetest gesture, and it'll give you two an opportunity to make some memories together away from home.

This is essentially the same idea I gave for the guys' gifts, only cuter. These are dupes, so they're not real, but they are a fun play on the classic plain case. They come in several designs and colors as well.

These are perfect for your girl's keychain (which is probably already full with puff balls and tassel accessories). Why not add one more thing? Again, these are practical and she'll use it everyday.

*Upgrade Idea:

Airpods! (You already know my spiel on this idea. If you missed it, scroll up to the Upgrade Idea for #4 in Gift Ideas for him). You can also add a mini wallet keychain and other fun keychain accessories to this gift if your girl doesn't already have them on her keychain.

This gift is good for your techie girl. Your girl who loves gadgets and gadget accessories. Your girl who just likes everything to look put-together. It's really good for any girl. Who doesn't want a laptop case set?

This accessory set comes in several different color options and is complete with a Plastic Hard Shell, Sleeve Bag, Keyboard Cover, Webcam Cover, and Screen Protector. Some colors are $30 while others are $33, so a little over the $30 mark, but so worth the few dollars!

*Upgrade Idea:

A computer! Some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now, but this is an option for some people, not for everyone. Again, if you're feeling like going all out (and your bank account shares your sentiments), then go for it! If not, get her a software she has been talking about, or offer to get her computer fixed, or serviced, if it's been out of commission.

5. DIY Date Night in a Box

I LIVE for Extra gifts like this. If you want to wow your girl with your creativity, put together this Date Night in a Box. Grab your favorite movie on DVD (or set it up on Netflix), get some of her favorite candies and snacks, bags of popcorn, & some drinks, and put them all in a box. She will not only love this gift, but she'll love that you went out of your way to be creative and put it all together. (If you're not creatively inclined, enlist the help of a friend who is. Her friends will love helping you put it together for her!)

*Upgrade Idea:

Include movie tickets, pack up the Date Night in a Box, grab some blankets, smuggle it into a nice movie theatre (with reclining seats if you can find one), and enjoy it there! You can even order one of these ready-made DateBox Minis from Amazon. They each have a theme and they include everything you need for a Date Night in.


Well, there you have it. A bunch of quick-ship Amazon Prime gift ideas that will come just in time for Valentine's Day. Pick the one you like, click the link, add to your cart, and you're all set! Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas and tell me which gift you're picking for your Valentine!

As always, I love you for reading!



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